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All artwork created by hand

Watch the making of the Koala Bare cover

For Koala Bare, illustrator Matt Shanks worked in watercolour and pencil. Watch him in action from his home studio as he brings our beloved Koala to life for the cover illustration of the book.

The traditional and timeless techniques of watercolour painting gives this book a true keepsake and classic feel.

Published by HarperCollins Australia

Free teachers' notes

There's so much to learn from reading Koala Bare, and not just that koalas can get a bit grumpy for being called a bear. Here's just a few themes that you can find inside these downloadable teachers' notes.

  • Development of expressive language skills
  • Exposure to onset and rime
  • Classification and recording of information
  • Visual literacy skills
  • Fact and fiction
  • Imaginative text

These notes are also packed full of classroom activities, a page-by-page discussion guide and worksheets.

Download free teacher resource (PDF)

Radio Review

Koala Bare: Book of the week

"Jackie French and Matt Shanks have worked together really well with this new book and the story works really well". - Tim Gott

Listen to Tim Gott, from the Devonport bookshop in Tasmania chat with Martin Agatyn on his radio show Across the Coast. They discuss Koala Bare and how, in their opinion, it would make a perfect Christmas gift for kids in pre-school and younger grades.

Bonus content

See early concept sketches and mistakes

Trying to find the perfect koala isn't as simple as drawing any old koala. Koala Bare illustrator Matt Shanks has put together a in-depth story including photos and sketches and some of the mistakes he made in the process of creating the final character. Join his mailing list to receive a copy of this story as well as other discounts and bonus content.

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Free Koala Bare with every purchase for a limited time

We know Koala Bare can be huffy, but it doesn't mean we can't give him a cuddle every now and then. For a limited time, you can get your very own Koala Bare plush toy. Only while stocks last so get to your local bookstore now.

Praise for Matt's other books

"Matt’s vibrant and unique water-colour illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to the lyrics of the text. I suspect this could easily become a family favourite."

- Wendy Fitzgerald, CBCA Reading time

About the illustrator

Matt’s been a kid for 33 years and it doesn’t look like he’ll be growing up any time soon. He loves Australia more than anything and would still be eating Vegemite out of the jar if he wasn’t allergic to yeast.