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All artwork created by hand

Simply pencil and watercolour

Eric was born on the page in simple watercolour and pencil, even before he had a story. Now, his story is told in the same way with every happy accident in plain sight. Can you find them?

The traditional and timeless techniques of watercolour painting bring Eric and the town of Wattleford to life. It gives this book a true keepsake feel.

Published by Scholastic Australia

Free Teacher notes

Eric's story is full of lessons. To make sure kids get the most out of it, Scholastic Australia have compiled a handy set of teachers' notes so if you're a teacher and you want to use Eric in the classroom, this is a must-have. Here's a quick list of themes from Eric the Postie:

  • Hopes and dreams
  • Careers
  • Australian animals
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Small communities
  • Persistence
Download free teacher resource (PDF)

Online Activity

Get a personalised letter from Eric

Letter writing is an artform and it takes practice to write a good one. Whether you're a parent looking for an activity to do with your child, or you're a teacher with a class full of kids, Eric is waiting to hear from you.

  1. Write a letter to Eric. For guidance on how to write a good letter, visit Australia Post's free online letter resources. For ideas on what to write to Eric about, download Scholastic's free Teacher resources.
  2. Pop your letter in an envelope, don't forget the stamp and include your return address.
  3. Send your letter to PO BOX 45, Clarinda, VIC 3169
  4. Wait for Eric to send a letter back, signed by him!

When you receive your letter, why not post it to social media? Just tag the author, Matt Shanks, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and he'll share your photo with everyone he knows.

Praise for Matt's other books

"Matt’s vibrant and unique water-colour illustrations provide the perfect accompaniment to the lyrics of the text. I suspect this could easily become a family favourite."

- Wendy Fitzgerald, CBCA Reading time

About the illustrator

Matt’s been a kid for 32 years and it doesn’t look like he’ll be growing up any time soon. He loves Australia more than anything and would still be eating Vegemite out of the jar if he wasn’t allergic to yeast.